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Interinstitutional postdoctoral researcher Roger Ottenheijm is working with Marc Freichel (Medical Faculty Heidelberg) and Daniel Dürschmied (Medical Faculty Mannheim / UMM) on Ca2+ entry and release channels in platelets.

“Thrombosis and inflammation are very common conditions relevant for all humans. I strive to shed light on the underlying processes involving calcium entry and release in the great interdisciplinary environment of Heidelberg.”

Interinstitutional postdoctoral researcher Fredrika Rajer is working with Michael Zimmermann (EMBL), Christian Gille, Burkhard Toenshoff and Alexander Dalpke (Medical Faculty Heidelberg) on the effect of long-term antibiotic prophylaxis in infants.

“The effect of long-term antibiotic prophylaxis on the infant gut microbiome and the development of antibiotic resistance is unclear. I’m dedicated to understanding its impact.”

Interinstitutional postdoctoral researcher Changgyun Park is working with Christel Herold-Mende (Medical Faculty Heidelberg) and Peter Lichter (​dkfz) on the drug responses in tumor organoids of brain metastases.

“Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer which can metastasize into other tissue, like the brain. I aim to improve the lives of breast cancer patients with brain metastases through the integrative analyses of personalized drug response and genomic data. The great support provided by the Alliance enables me to tackle this meaningful topic.”

Der Austausch zu Innovationsökosystemen im Gesundheitsbereich stand im Zentrum eines Zusammentreffens mit Katharina Hölzle, der Technologiebeauftragten des Wirtschaftsministeriums des Landes Baden Württemberg, und Vertretenden der Alliance und einiger ihrer Partner aus der Region Heidelberg und Mannheim. Das Potenzial für Innovationen in den Bereichen Deep Tech, Biotechnologie und Therapie ist enorm. Die gemeinsame Diskussion drehte sich darum, wie Innovationen aus dem akademischen Bereich noch besser in die Gesellschaft transferiert werden können.
Der volle Beitrag ist hier zu lesen.

Interinstitutional postdoctoral researcher Svenja Müller is working with Stephanie Witt (ZI Mannheim) and Alexander Aulehla (EMBL) on developmental consequences of prenatal maternal stress.

“In my pursuit of understanding the effects of prenatal maternal stress on the placenta and neurodevelopment, I am studying underlying molecular processes.”

Interinstitutional postdoctoral researcher Lucia Pigazzini is working with Niccolò Banterle (EMBL) and Ingrid Hoffmann (DKFZ) on the link between structural centrosome aberrations and cancer.

“The connection between aberrations in centrosome ultra-structure and cancer drive my research, and with the invaluable support of the Alliance, I am equipped to tackle the challenges of delving into this topic.”

Interinstitutional postdoctoral researcher Nir Fulman is working with Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg (ZI Mannheim) and Alexander Zipf, Marcus Koch, and Gerd Hoefele (Uni Heidelberg) on urban nature experience, biodiversity and mental health.

“Urban greenery has been linked to improved mental health, prompting my research focus on quantifying plant diversity. I believe that utilizing volunteered services and machine learning methods can help untangle the complex connections between our environment and psychological well-being.”

Interinstitutional postdoctoral researcher Florian Constanty is working with Arica Beisaw (University Heidelberg) and Chi-Chung Wu (Medical Faculty Mannheim) on spatial OMICs techniques in the cardiac regenerative microenvironment.

“With my multifaceted research in molecular biology, bioinformatics and proteomics I want to improve our knowledge of heart regeneration. The Alliance enables me to make impactful discoveries via the interinstitutional postdoctoral program and network.”

Interinstitutional postdoctoral researcher De-en Sun is working with Kai Johnsson (MPI for medical research) and Frank Winkler (DKFZ) on chemogenetic integrators in brain tumors.

“I am passionate about using basic chemical principles to develop new tools to study and control life systems. As a problem solver, overcoming challenges is fun and rewarding to me.”