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On July 12, members from all Alliance institutions embarked on a memorable journey on the beautiful Neckar river connecting Heidelberg and Mannheim during the Alliance ScienceSplash 2024. The atmosphere buzzed with innovation as participants engaged in captivating presentations, learned more about groundbreaking research and pioneering technologies, and connected during engaging networking sessions. For more insights, check out our article here.

Alliance Technology Platform experts and users met on June 12, 2024 in an event that led to fruitful discussions, insight into the state-of-the-art technologies, and new collaborations.

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Did you miss one of the “Akademische Mittagspause”-lectures or want to watch them again? There are recordings of all talks on the Health + Life Science Alliance YouTube-channel. Talks were given in German.

The Baden-Württemberg Minister of Science, Petra Olschowski, visited Heidelberg University on May 17, 2024, to find out about current projects in medicine, life sciences and medical technology as part of the Health + Life Science Alliance Heidelberg Mannheim, which is funded as an innovation campus.

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Watch the feature created by Baden-Württemberg International about Alliance Junior Group Leader Arica Beisaw at Heidelberg University Hospital. “The Alliance, funded by the state of Baden-Württemberg, especially promotes interinstitutional collaborations between the research institutions in the Rhine-Neckar region which has been extremely fruitful for my research on zebrafish heart regeneration.” Thanks to Baden-Württemberg International for producing this short movie within their project Career-start BW.


Interinstitutional postdoctoral researcher Roger Ottenheijm is working with Marc Freichel (Medical Faculty Heidelberg) and Daniel Dürschmied (Medical Faculty Mannheim / UMM) on Ca2+ entry and release channels in platelets.

“Thrombosis and inflammation are very common conditions relevant for all humans. I strive to shed light on the underlying processes involving calcium entry and release in the great interdisciplinary environment of Heidelberg.”

Interinstitutional postdoctoral researcher Fredrika Rajer is working with Michael Zimmermann (EMBL), Christian Gille, Burkhard Toenshoff and Alexander Dalpke (Medical Faculty Heidelberg) on the effect of long-term antibiotic prophylaxis in infants.

“The effect of long-term antibiotic prophylaxis on the infant gut microbiome and the development of antibiotic resistance is unclear. I’m dedicated to understanding its impact.”

Interinstitutional postdoctoral researcher Changgyun Park is working with Christel Herold-Mende (Medical Faculty Heidelberg) and Peter Lichter (​dkfz) on the drug responses in tumor organoids of brain metastases.

“Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer which can metastasize into other tissue, like the brain. I aim to improve the lives of breast cancer patients with brain metastases through the integrative analyses of personalized drug response and genomic data. The great support provided by the Alliance enables me to tackle this meaningful topic.”

Interinstitutional postdoctoral researcher Svenja Müller is working with Stephanie Witt (ZI Mannheim) and Alexander Aulehla (EMBL) on developmental consequences of prenatal maternal stress.

“In my pursuit of understanding the effects of prenatal maternal stress on the placenta and neurodevelopment, I am studying underlying molecular processes.”