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The state of Baden-Württemberg has cleared the way for two of our member institutions – the University hospital Heidelberg and the University Medical Centre Mannheim – to join their forces. With this declaration of intent, negotiations between the state and the city of Mannheim and with the university partners are now to begin as soon as possible. This is an important decision for an internationally outstanding innovation ecosystem in medicine and the life sciences. More info here (German).

The Wnt Workshop “Wnt signaling as a drug target in human diseases – challenges and prospects” is taking place on 17 March 2023 at Marsilius Kolleg, Heidelberg! The workshop is organized by the Collaborative Research Center on “Mechanisms and Functions of Wnt Signaling” in collaboration with the Health + Life Science Alliance Heidelberg Mannheim. It covers diverse translational aspects of Wnt therapeutics ranging from drug development to preclinical and clinical studies and it will bring together leading experts and scientists from academia and industry.

The next Molecular Medicine Partnership Unit (MMPU) Research Day takes place on 21 March 2023! MMPU, an institutional research partnership between EMBL Heidelberg and the Medical Faculty Heidelberg, hosts two annual Public Research Days aimed at discussing the diseases studied in each research group with the wider scientific and medical communities. MMPU members and invited guest speakers present their findings to colleague-scientists and to an interested public audience.

De-en Sun just started an inter-institutional position at our member institutions Max Planck Institute for Medical Research and dkfz! Within the project ‘Spying on brain tumors with chemogenetic integrators’ and together with Kai Johnsson and Frank Winkler, he will apply engineered chemogenetic protein sensors for recording biochemical signals in glioblastoma.

Rafael Cardoso just started an inter-institutional position at our member institutions DKFZ and university medicine Mannheim! Within the project “Discovery and evaluation of non-invasive tests and risk models for personalized colorectal cancer screening” and together with Hermann Brenner and Nuh Rahbari, he will investigate innovative, non-invasive and risk-adapted strategies for colorectal cancer screening using data and biobanks from large-scale epidemiological screening studies.

Join the Industry and Innovation Days on 17 – 18 March 2023, organized by the School of Translational Medicine in Mannheim! If you are a young clinical researcher, postdoc, master or PhD student from the health science continuum, this is your opportunity to interact, network and explore new ideas with local startups, pharma industry representatives and professionals from other areas. Plus you get the chance to meet us and other local organisations for researchers at the resources lunch! Places are limited.

Taniya Chakraborty just started an inter-institutional position at our member institutions University Heidelberg, ZMBH and Max Planck Institute for Medical Research ! Within the project “Bottom-Up Assembly of a Macrophage Mimicking Synthetic Cell” and together with Prof. Dr. Christine Selhuber-Unkel and Prof. Dr. Kerstin Göpfrich, she will explore bottom-up synthetic biology together with RNA nanotechnology as a toolkit to build synthetic immune cells.

Nicolai Karcher just started an inter-institutional position at our member institutions EMBL and University Heidelberg!
Within the project “Towards personalized microbiome-informed immunosuppressive therapy in transplant medicine” and together with Dr. Michael Zimmermann, Prof. Burkhard Tönshoff and Prof.  David Czock, they will explore the role of the gut microbiome in immunosuppressant drug metabolism and transplantation outcome through the response of kidney transplant patients to said drug class via different omics layers.

The third call for inter-institutional postdoc positions at the Health + Life Science Alliance is now open! Join our unique research alliance of renowned research institutions in the life sciences located in the Rhine-Neckar Region in southern Germany. We are looking for outstanding junior scientists for bridging projects between at least two of our partner institutions.
Learn more about the open postdoc positions here.