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Interinstitutional postdoctoral researcher Esra Okaty is working with Dirk Grimm (University clinic Heidelberg) and Kerstin Göpfrich (University Heidelberg) on applying DNA nanotechnology to gene therapy.

“Creative solutions to scientific problems can often be found in the arts. Using principles of origami in DNA nanotechnology, I aim to facilitate gene therapy for serious diseases. Fueled by the beautiful architecture of Heidelberg, I enjoy applying my creativity to this project.”

Interinstitutional postdoctoral researcher Hairuo Dang is working with Jan Ellenberg (EMBL) and Thomas Strowitzki (Medical faculty Heidelberg) on the basis of conception and infertility.

“My research aims to shed light on the beginning of early mammalian life in the oocyte to find out more about the mechanisms behind conception and infertility. I tackle this meaningful topic using sophisticated techniques in a collaborative and international research environment in Heidelberg.”

The Health + Life Science Alliance Heidelberg Mannheim gave their warm welcome to its new members at the Inter-institutional Postdoc Onboarding Event 2023 on December 4th.

New Humboldt Foundation Ranking: Heidelberg University in first place on the popularity scale for international guest researchers in the life sciences! Many thanks to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for strengthening Germany as a place for excellent science & research through international research exchange. The Alliance strives to further increase the attractiveness of the member institutions in the Heidelberg and Mannheim region for outstanding foreign researchers in medicine and the life sciences.

Attend the lecture “Challenges in Computational Biomedicine” by Robert Gentleman, founding executive director, Center for Computational Biomedicine, Harvard Medical School, USA. The Center for Computational Biomedicine was created recently to identify and strengthen the synergies among data science efforts within Harvard Medical School and affiliates. Dr. Gentleman will discuss examples of these challenges and point to analytic approaches, with a view on possible interactions with the Health + Life Science Alliance and mutual lessons to be learned.

Come and visit us at our booth at the BUGA in Mannheim.
Get to know the Alliance partner institutions. Discover current research approaches, get informed by hands-on offers and get into conversation with Alliance researchers. Please note: Talks at the BUGA are in German. Questions or disussions in English are possible.

The Health + Life Science Alliances’ first big event – the ScienceSplash – has rushed by between three incredible keynote speakers – ERC President Maria Leptin, Nobel Laureate Stefan Hell and Curative Drug Inventor Stephan Urban – as well as some exciting elevator pitches, networking, career advice sessions and finally, a fun, creative workshop!

Save the date for Andrew Dykstra’s Visitor Lecture on identifying neural mechanisms of hearing in noise across spatiotemporal scales on July 12, 1 pm at INF 328, Heidelberg!
Visiting scientist Andrew Dykstra from the University of Miami is being hosted by Alexander Gutschalk at the university clinic Heidelberg (UKHD). This visit is supported by funding from the Visitor Program of the Health + Life Science Alliance Heidelberg Mannheim.

The Summer School will take place from Aug 31 – Sept 01, 2023 at Marsilius-Kolleg Heidelberg. It strives to enhance interactions within the scientific community particularly in Heidelberg-Mannheim with excellent international, national and local leaders presenting their newest work. The summer school will cover a broad range from basic research to clinical applications in multiple cancer disciplines and is organised by Rene Jackstadt (Hi-STEM, DKFZ), Johannes Betge (Universitätsmedizin Mannheim), Jens Puschhof (DKFZ) and Bruno Christian Köhler (University Hospital Heidelberg). Abstract submission open until 31.07.2023.