Inter-Institutional Early Clinical Trial Units (I-ECTU)

Early Clinical Trials (ECTs) are of central importance in the development and implementation of current preclinical concepts in precision medicine (personalized medicine), e.g., in the application of innovative drugs, RNA- or cell-based therapies, new drugs or brain stimulation treatments for mental disorders, but also in the development of low-invasive diagnostics, e.g., liquid biopsies from blood or cerebrospinal fluid or tracer-assisted imaging or nuclear medicine procedures. Through the cooperative operation of several ECT units at different locations, the I-ECTU aims to accelerate the translation of outstanding basic research results in the life sciences into medical applications, as well as the transfer of innovative projects from the life sciences to products and services. 

Coordination: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wick, UKHD/DKFZ, W.K. Hofmann, UMM & A. Meyer-Lindenberg, ZI