AI Health Innovation Cluster

Innovative methods of analysis based on artificial intelligence and machine learning have found their way into all research areas and are already enabling transformative developments in health research. A major challenge in order to increase the potential of AI approaches is the linking of AI procedures with large-scale annotated and medically meaningful data sources. By combining research networks for AI and initiatives for data collection and archiving, the Rhine-Neckar region offers ideal conditions to make a significant step forward. In the region, internationally recognized approaches for the standardization and shared use of both research and clinical data are already being developed, and at the same time new paths for AI in biomedical applications are being explored.

The aim of the AI Health Innovation Cluster is to promote top-level research and to make biomedical data usable for innovative applications through systematic networking with outstanding AI research. Within just a few years, the integration of the special expertise in the region, across seven world-renowned institutions and a variety of initiatives, will create the basis for a research and development platform that is sustainable, future-oriented and competitive, which will thereby establish a much stronger transfer of innovative technologies from health research into clinical practice and economic value creation.

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