Genomic Health

The focus areas of this project are genomic cancer research, research into the phenotypic effects of the composition of the human microbiome, and the field of infection biology in the context of dynamic mutation development of the SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogenic genomes, including new technology development in these areas. In the long term, the project will make it possible to use and combine local expertise in precision medicine, multi-omics and imaging technologies, basic research in the life sciences and data science including AI for various indication areas (including cardiology, psychiatry, oncology, infectious diseases). The creation of a technical and legal framework for the joint use of samples and data in the region provides additional innovative value, the Rhein-Neckar Digital Genomic Data Space

Coordination: Prof. Dr. Jan Korbel, EMBL & Prof. Dr. Michael Boutros, DKFZ/Heidelberg University